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Anne Vonjahr

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I remember, that throughout my childhood and university years I was very psychic. I seemed just to know things about people. When I was at school, I was often reprimanded for daydreaming and now, of course, I recognise and understand that this is the state of mind we need to achieve in order to see the spirit world.
Today I know that my maternal greatgrandmother and grandmother were natural mediums and my paternal greatgrandfather a healer.
About six years ago I became very ill. Many things of psychic nature happened to me and I found Spiritualism. Mediumship developed overnight.
My work with spirit began in Healing and shortly after I became a working medium.

Today I am working as a Medium in Luxemburg, Brighton and Rome.

Since May 2012 I am an Award Holder of the Platform Accredidation Scheme in public speaking and demonstrating of the Spiritualist National Union.

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