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Emanuela Giovannetti

Tel: 0032 484672023
Categories: Coaching
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I am a coach and a dynamic sophrologist. Following a holistic mind-body approach, I consider the human being in their entirety.

Through these two complementary approaches, I guide the person to work on one or more of their components - be them their bodily feelings, emotions, intuition, rationality - so as to allow them the reach a state of "better being" and thus feel more confident to reach their goals. I accompany the person via powerful questions and/or easy-to-do body movements, relaxation techniques, breathing and visualisations. This will allow them to get aware of their resources as well as to strengthen them so as to use them in an autonomous, authentic and responsible way.

My technique is based on the principles of Carl Rogers helping relationship, on elements of transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, symbolic coaching, non-violent communication, neuro-cognitivism, dynamic sophrology tools and procedures.

My areas of specialisations are: a better management of emotions, anxiety and stress; burnout prevention and treatment; accompanying the different stages of an internal transition (particularly, in case of highly sensitive or gifted people)

My training pathway:

-Dynamic Sophrologist diploma, at Association Européenne de Sophrologie Dynamique (oggi, Ecole Belge de Sophrologie Dynamique/Réseau de Sophrologie Dynamique), Brussels.
- The "Fundamentals of the Neurocognitive and behavioural Approach", at the Institute of Neurocognitivism, Brussels.
- Individual coach diploma, at BAO - Élan vital Institute, Brussels.
- Masterclass on burnout, at BAO - Élan vital Institute, Brussels.
- The fundamentals of the Trainer Coach course, at BAO - Élan vital Institute, Brussels.
- The Expert Trainer Coach course, at BAO - Élan vital Institute, Brussels.

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