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Psychic Wave

astrologer offers guidance on timing and profitability of business and personal relationships.
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Schwartz, Jacob

full time astrologer and author of 'Asteroid Name Encyclopedia.'
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Signs Studio 2000

research and practice of astrology and metaphysical studies. Specializes in natal charts.
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Sky Guides Astrological Services

Uses numerology as well as horary, karmic, and western astrology to create birth charts and reports.…
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provides serious, validated information using the new science of Galactic Astrology to help you…
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forecasting and trends enterprise that gathers and distributes information about astrology, event…
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Voice of Astrology

Ms. Rita Ann Freeman's horoscopes, zodiac forecasts and the 'Ask Rita Ann' Internet news column.
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Wholistic Astrology

offers readings, books, tapes, classes, and more.
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World of Wisdom

Astrological advice, interpretations, software, free screen saver, monthly sun signs, and articles.
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AdZe MiXXe

includes astrology predictions, oracles, horoscopes, almanac, love and sexual compatibility, and…

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