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Dance as meditative practice - Azul Conscious Movement with Lia Sheyen

On line - 03/03/2022



In:  On line Date: 03/03/2022
Time: 8.30 pm CETPrice: 15 full / 10 reduced
Tel: 3357004568   -   Category:  Biodance, 5Rhythms, Sacred Dances and others


Azul Conscious Movement is a conscious dance practice in which we use music, breath and movement as tools to increase our presence, inhabiting with more awareness our body and the unfolding moment.
Four major orientations help us enter into a deeper and felt sense of self and connect to what is moving below the surface, these are: listening, allowing, opening and moving towards.

Dance reminds us that anything can be included in our movement and that we can allow things to find passage through our moving bodies, instead of clinging on to them.
Its a free movement exploration, so there is no "proper way" to do it...uniquely Your way. Practicing reawakening the intelligence and spontaneity of your own body, listening and moving to your own internal rhythm . No need for previous experience, all of us can move...and if we choose so, our movement might aswell become a beautiful opportunity to honor Life with our full presence !

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