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Dance as meditative practice - Azul Conscious Movement with Lia Sheyen

Azul Conscious Movement is a conscious dance practice in which we use music, breath and movement as tools to increase our presence, inhabiting with more awareness our body and the unfolding moment.…
Event  -  Sacred Dances, Biodance and others
From  05/03/2022  to  15/11/2022

Danze Selvatiche - Conscious dance in the wilderness

EVERY SATURDAY Practices which support embodiment - like conscious dance - are a way of working directly with the body so that we can experience and know ourselves in a deeper way. They also allow us…
Sacrofano (RM)

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Discriminazione e violenza sulla donna, patriarcato e religioni patriarcali

Milano (MI)  -  From  25/11/2023  to  22/12/2023
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Holistic Tour “The Way of Breath” Sahara Tunisia

Parc National Jbil (TUNISIA)  -  From  11/11/2023  to  18/11/2023
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Holistic Vacation in Maremma

Montalto di Castro (VT)  -  From  15/06/2023  to  18/06/2023

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