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Freedom to Soar - Soul Motion Dance - with Vinn Arjuna Mart

Roma - From  16/11/2018  to  18/11/2018



In: Roma - Italy Date: From  16/11/2018  to  18/11/2018
Time: starting 16/11 at 8pm - ending 18/11 at 5pm
Where:  ROMA, Roma, 00177   -  Lazio (IT)
Tel: 3401587793   -   Category:  Sacred Dances, Biodance and others   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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“Right here where you and I stand, we shall behold a true and radiant world. In that world, we shall dance only our divine essence.” ~Ruth St. Denis

In Soul Motion sessions—guided by master teacher and choreographer Vinn Arjuna Martí—we come together to practice an embodied state of living and being on and off the dance floor. We cultivate relaxation in the body and create opportunities to enjoy the ease of expression, the abundance of creativity, and the naturalness of grace. We ground ourselves in the dances of spaciousness, relationships, and sacredness.
In a dancing space of laughter and learning, we pause in the presence of silence to listen deeply, orient our dance to the view that everything is shifting, and open to inspiration from everything that surrounds us.
In this joyful movement experience, you will learn:
The power of being present in each moment
A conscious dance practice with facilitated and unscripted movement
Principles for living a more open, relaxed, and creative life
To access your relationship with the divine spark that animates us all.
Soul Motion is a dance of remembering your song. You will soar high above any tension and constriction that holds you fixed in views about dance, grace, expression, and being enough. You will jump feet first into openness and curiosity. Soul Motion invites us to experience the excitement, energy, and enlivened presence that dances us all. Got it? Good. Let’s dance!

Vinn Arjuna lived, breathed and studied dance. He practiced and taught jazz, dance aerobics, modern dance, dance improvisation, choreography and nearly everything else in between.Along the way, many wonderful teachers appeared on his path, mentoring Vinn Arjuna and inviting him to their studios to study and to train. Some of these world-class dance teachers included Barbara Dilley, Terry Sendgraff, Deborah Hay, Wilber Alix, Douglas Dunn, Eric Hawkins, Jose Brown, and Gabrielle Roth. Each of these teachers contributed their unique insights and perspectives, shaping Vinn Arjuna’s views on movement language, interior worlds of inspiration, and the power of truth in motion.Soul Motion®Conscious Dance Practice was born out of Vinn Arjuna’s inspired synthesis of his many years of dance training, his work in New Thought Christianity, as well as his extensive experience with meditation and yoga.Vinn Arjuna has been teaching movement for over 35 years. In that time, he has brought Soul Motion® to workshops, retreat centers, private classes and teacher trainings all over the world, growing his life’s work into an internationally-recognized conscious movement practice, taught by certified teachers around the world and loved by thousands of students.Vinn Arjuna himself remains a beloved and active master teacher of the work, bringing his incalculable charisma, creativity, sensitivity, and joy for his life’s work to each and every one of his classes around the globe.


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