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All the evil of the best ideological behavior

"The more time passes, the more I discover the value of freedom from conditioning. In the sense that it is useless to think of being able to" improve ", following a pre-established criterion of choice, if all behaviors and actions are actually dictated by an innate inner drive ..."(Saul Arpino)

Ideological Behavior
Adhering to one's nature is freedom. This is also true in a physiological sense, for example my friend Carlo Consiglio told me some time ago that the stimulus to act arises from a synaptic process that is automatically set in motion following the specific psycho-physiological components that distinguish a given individual (animal, plant or human that is). As if to say, for example, that "free choice", so much declaimed by the religious, is nothing more than an excuse to promote a sense of guilt and justify a "deviant" behavior according to a moral code. "Do this and you will go to hell... do this and you will go to heaven...".

Calvin's heresy was precisely that of denying the value of free will, which took away any meaning from the saving function of Christ or the effort of the soul to ingratiate itself with God. present in our mind, so much so that we have defined it with a high-sounding name: will. It is true that this will is an essential evolutionary component for improving the behavior of the vital apparatus.

The will is an important emendative coercive mechanism to climb the evolutionary ladder, this does not mean that the will itself is not a natural predisposition to growth that is part of the vital process. Following the so-called "way of the noble" - as defined in the Book of Changes - is the expressive way of the will in a synergistic sense, while following "the way of the ignoble" is acquiescence to the recessive egoic instinct. In short, it is through discrimination and attention that we can understand and "choose" to follow an evolutionary or involutionary path, describing this "decision" as the result of "free will".

This premise seemed necessary to me to address the discourse relating to the tendency to fix one's own progress on defined “patterns” (binary). The will is accomplished by adhering to a system of thought, an ideology. That this ideology is religious, ethical, political, pro-ethnic, etc. it is irrelevant from the point of view of intentional expression. The will to adhere to the doctrinal religious norms makes a person a good Christian or a good Muslim. Identifying oneself in an ethnic group and following its customs, conforming to the dictates of an internal para-siombiotic "cartel", makes another person a good Jew. Yet another is recognized by his outspoken social outbursts and social behaviors like a good communist ... etc.

Lately, ideology has also crept into the area of food choices. It happened with the decision of some animal rights activists, who called themselves "vegans", to completely move away from their physiological nature to devote themselves to a diet (defined as morally superior) that excludes any substance of animal origin. And here we come to the point. Surely ideology is a harbinger of worsening in the context of evolutionary processes. To begin with, we see that from the evolutionary point of view the species develops ability to adapt to the environment (and to the general conditions of the social context in which it lives) when it corresponds as much as possible to its natural vital functions and its ability to respond to different situations.

This has nothing to do with ethics (which is simple abstraction) while it has a lot to do with intuitive intelligence (not instinct, which is recessive) which allows each individual to discover "right" behavior. in any given situation ... (thus integrating the sense of justice and freedom) not only on the basis of memory, which is the legacy of past behavior, but through the understanding of the present situation, in its entirety, including previous knowledge and vision speculative of subsequent ongoing developments.

This whole process, which to tell it seems extremely complex, actually takes place within a second, in the form of immediate intuition, and then unfolds into consequent action. Obviously, to develop it needs a serene and "secular" mind and not forced thoughts and behaviors dictated by wanting to follow a specific ideological "model".

This is very important to understand... only to understand, please, not to want to "pursue" since the very moment you try to harness spontaneous intuition in a behavioral system would automatically fall back into the repetitive mechanism of ideological coercion.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 5 September 2022Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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