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Awe. Spirituality of a layman

I’m reflecting on the meaning I give to “Lay Spirituality”, in fact from the viewpoint of etymology and glottology this definition has not got much to do with the old image of “awe”, but its closer to the modern description of free-spirituality.

Once upon a time, before religions and philosophy, this natural longing for Self was simply “natural”. An urge of the inner spirit of man. This clinging to the source is just a spontaneous response in our conscience. Nowadays if we see the same process in this hard materialistic society we have to use a different definition for this “urge”. Our society has different ways of describing spirituality -mostly in the religious field- and to give a more appropriate meaning for modern times I suggest to call it : “Lay-Spirituality” – A form of spiritual research as a free expression of ourselves.


Date: 9 November 2016Author: Paolo D'Arpini
Credits Publisher: Paolo D'Arpini


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