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Collective psyche. Intellectual evolution in the two genders

The mental evolution of our species, as Ramana Maharshi himself said, never ends. Attention we speak of "mind" not of "pure awareness". The individual mind and also the collective mind are constantly in a process of knowledge - in becoming -, so the path is unlimited and perfectible, while the "pure awareness" (the Self) is beyond space time and cannot be measured in any way. In China it is called Tao, in India they call it Atman, we lay spiritualists know it as Spirit.

Returning to the mind, we say that at some point in our history the intellectual maturation process had allowed the woman (primarily) to assume psychophysical self-awareness and therefore to become aware of the ego, a stage that all zoologists know good when they analyze the behavior of the animals, to see if they are able to recognize themselves in the mirror, for example.

Obviously it is not the self-awareness of the Self (in the higher and universal sense) but of the awareness of representing a specific form name, that is the mind and the body ... in short, it is the ego. But the ego is an important milestone for the development of consciousness. In any case, intellectual growth must start from the ego.

So when this stage was reached by a hypothetical "first woman" (that Eve that scientists call the mother of all mothers, based on the mitochondrial DNA message contained in the female spinal cord), the problem arose of how to elevate in humans (means the male) the state of self-awareness and judgment.

To do this the only genetic way was possible, that of the transmission of certain characteristics considered advanced. But in ancient matriarchal societies man could not exercise (because he was not able) roles of social responsibility, or he could do it very limitedly, so that it became necessary in the game of the evolution of the species that man assumed on himself the conduction of human society. Hence the birth of patriarchy, with the good and evil that follows. Good is the reason brought to its heights, abstract thought, philosophy, etc. the evil is the dominance and the "utilitarian" exploitation not only of women but also of other species and natural resources.

Today we have reached the point where the man (the male) has taken the necessary steps to equalize his level of self-awareness and intelligence to that of the woman. Therefore it is no longer necessary to maintain the patriarchy, which was however useful in the global development plan of the human species - as was the previous matriarchy.

Now the masculine and the feminine can walk side by side using both mental capacities in unison. The analogical capacity (female) and the logical one (male). The integration of these two forms of intelligence will allow - as the psychologist Michele Trimarchi also states - the human species to take the next evolutionary step towards a more mature "spiritual" (lay) consciousness.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 21 March 2019Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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