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Ether and consciousness

Paolo D'Arpini che guarda in alto
Individual consciousness is in constant movement and evolution, following the different modes of development of society or the historical periods in which human events occur.

Each transition resembles the overcoming of a level of learning, a little like what happens in the DNA spiral. Consciousness, in this case better to call it mind, moves from the simplest to the most complex expressions. A sort of testimony-memory of the various sophisticated processes of life.

To grow spiritually from the individuality (the person) we must start, as the depository of the first spark of Consciousness from which everything derives. Therefore I do not want to diminish the value of the I-person, and as "this" also all the other "I" who patiently follow and precede.

Thought, it is said, has the power to promote action ... and when many thoughts go in a certain direction, perhaps the inevitable consequence is precisely that anticipated. Or ... it's a feeling that has to do with the unconscious, with fishing in the "akasha" or collective mind .. and so the things imagined happen ...?!

The cycles (and folds) of karma ... are mysterious ...The void (Sunya) is not empty. It contains a spiritual energy known for millennia in ancient spiritual traditions as the Akashica energy of the universe. This energy not only shapes the physical world moment by moment, but also relates to consciousness.

Even contemporary science reveals that believing in the distinction between the material and spiritual world is a mistake. There is no duality, the universe is produced by a single substance and both the physical and spiritual world take shape from this single substance, also called "ether", which permeates every being as "Consciousness".

Attention, here it is necessary to clarify that "Consciousness" is not what appears in the conscience, it is not feeling, thought, emotion, intuition, vision but it is that light that makes every perception possible. And in fact even this explanation made of words cannot qualify or indicate the Consciousness. This is a futile attempt to define the indefinable ... every definition of "Consciousness" is contained and can never be a container.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 25 September 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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