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Living ecologically ... with nature, in nature

Without paying any attention to it, we live in an artificial world, immersed in a consumerist society and in highly urbanized spaces, we escape from the heat in the summer and from the cold in the winter. Mostly we live in closed "conditioned" environments and we hardly put our nose out if there is a little rain.

Is this the life that we deserve?

Communication between human beings takes place through the codes of language. Each term employed is a symbol, signifying meaning a meaning, and the terms are related by grammatical, syntactic, and cultural rules. But there is also a direct communication, based on natural elements, which takes place by means of messages that are amplified by the senses that vibrate in contact with their external correspondents: the environment, the wind, the heat or the cold, the smells, the flavors… the mystery of the stars or of the dark sky empty of all light. We can live this experience consciously day by day.

For example, if we describe the wind it seems that everything stops at brain work: "Wind is a horizontal or vertical movement of a mass of air due to pressure differences, which in turn are due to an unequal distribution of heat. The air stream moves in the direction that goes from the high pressure area to the low pressure one. But two other forces intervene in the genesis of the wind, one deviant due to the rotation of the Earth and one of friction caused by the roughness of the earth's surface ”.

When we are in nature, in the dark dark night, on the edges of the river and the air pushes us or repels us, enters the clothes and makes us feel its breath, it is not the lexical descriptions that affect us ... the wind speaks to us directly , makes us turn up the collar and reminds us that we are alive!

In short, at the thought of having to face nature in its crudeness it almost seems that through the imagination or the description of possible events we have already solved the problem ... we have prepared ourselves for the "worst" (or the best), but this is not the case since things they happen not as expected, but all different. The quality of presence is sublime.

Life is an eternal beginning. The continuous transformation that the elements undergo can never be considered final and therefore life is without beginning and without end.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 15 October 2021Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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