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Politics, economics and spirituality cannot be separated...

Delegating the management of one's own existence to a "government" or "church" is tantamount to abandoning one's responsibilities based on the fact that there are people other than ourselves who really know how to do things.

This obviously applies in every field of human existence but for now we leave aside the "religious" aspect of this "defeatist" attitude and of delegating to others what belongs to us ... and let us turn our attention to the political aspect.

A political party, and consequently a government, is apparently founded for the good of the people ... but in reality it becomes a corporation that only serves itself. An administration keeps things under its control and proliferates laws of ever increasing complexity and incomprehensibility. In effect, it hinders productive work by asking for so many accounts and bureaucratic cavilry so that recording what has to been done becomes more important than what has actually been done.

In this way, increasing the bureaucracy and the quibbles, we can go further and further into abstraction ... nevertheless in the growing anguish concerning overpopulation, cultural massification, mystification in occult economic interests, pollution and ecological imbalance, potential disasters of military technological increase, etc. only rarely can we recognize that our governments have become destructive of humanitarian institutions.

Governments - as stated by Alan W. Watts - remain mired in an attempt to satisfy an ever-growing alienation from the practical life and primary needs of man, suffocated and paralyzed, as they are, under the mountains of complications of balance sheets and paperwork.

The next consideration, not to have to repeat the mistakes of the past, is that neither the individual nor the society can pull themselves out of the current situation in an autonomous way and using force. Even if today we are witnessing a development in this sense of the push for social change ...

Until we use force, both physical and moral or religious, in an attempt to improve ourselves and the world .. we will actually waste energy that could to be otherwise used for things that really can be done ..

We need to change our life approach and the consideration of our participation in all things. In deep ecology and lay spirituality there is an indication towards the recovery of trust in oneself and in others. The new vision, the new method, can not be aggressive or passive, it is not a sentimental attitude.

It should be recognized that in some cases the use of force may be necessary ... but it will be a mild, educational violence ... resembling the severity of the mother who intends to educate her child and not repress him.

Deep ecology and lay spirituality, implemented in the field of politics and administration of public affairs, lead not to the satisfaction of blind popular rivalse, not to the implementation of a "leveling justice", but in favor of "human generosity". That is not mere benevolence and forgiveness, as one might suppose, but the maintenance of honesty and "human" qualities in their fullness. As Ezra Pound said: "Honesty is the wealth of a nation".

The balanced severity and correctness, that we could define in matristic terms "maternal intelligence", requires a great discriminative capacity and the road towards it is difficult to reach, accustomed as we are to delegating to every external justice (governmental and religious) every emendatory function .

Therefore, if a healthy man tries to achieve spiritual and political maturity, he will necessarily have to redeem himself from any coercive model currently present in society ... But we can not call this process "anarchy" as a definite direction towards the "common good" is assumed. No longer measuring things through the model of justice "of codicils" but bringing the human to its highest level of responsibility. In which the actions are not consequent to pre-established courses or taboos, the contingencies and the wisdom and honesty acquired indicate at the moment what is the right thing to do ....

In other words, a human being aware of belonging to an inseparable vital and spiritual context does not need to embody predetermined models of "righteousness", he is not a "good-hearted man", not even a presumptuous, a pedant, but he recognizes that some errors may occur. in the pursuit of genuine human nature. Errors - if not repeated - are the spice of life. They are the indication of the right path to follow.

In fact, he who masquerades as an observant lawyer is a hypocrite and a false public man (both politically and religiously), indeed he is completely devoid of "humor", he can not laugh at himself and others, and in the same way, and does not let its human nature be completed and come to maturity. He, meander, stops at the "form" and consequently is condemned to transgress even that (perhaps secretly) remaining unconsciously bound to his own shadows.

A legalist will simply be a nosy and a buyer of "presumed merits" on the basis of his adherence to a political or religious faith.

Who bases justice on strict submission to linear regulations will never be able to perceive the truth behind the forms. These hypothetical good rulers, so serious and considerate of their just principles (or even worse of their sordid interests) justify every iniquity by force from political or religious reasons. Poor people, they will never be able to enjoy a healthy and lay "spirit", much less harmful than their subjection to ideology (or worse still to interest).

And one of the worst ideologies, in this historical moment, is that related to the concept of "useful" and "good", which even surpasses any other political and religious conviction .. and it is in the name of profit and utility that the human society is sinking towards the loss of the soul and the ability to understand and to want. This ideology, let's call it "profitable", so loved by the accountants of life, risks to force more and more man towards the renunciation of every humanity and discriminating ability. And with the loss of intelligence, the loss of the survival capacity of the human species also takes over.

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Date: 14 August 2021Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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