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Psychic archetypes. Where do the thoughts that pass in our mind arise?

Our life is linked to a series of circumstances we do not control but, as Nisargadatta said, we are an integral part of total manifestation and total functioning and in no way can we be separated from it. Consequently, being conscience in the conscience, we are able to recognize the energetic flow in which we are immersed and to make our thought and our action be in harmony with the quality of the lived space-time. In this perennial energetic remixing, we are as navigators without goal, or warriors - if you prefer - free to face the contingent without fear. "If you fear suffering - said a samurai - how do you fight?"

From all the whole unravels before our eyes.

In the history of the Chinese zodiac, it is said that twelve animals appear to the dying Buddha and each one of them obtained the psychic characteristics that distinguish the three aspects of the year, month and hour, according to the natural propensities of every living being. They are masculine and feminine and manifest their characteristics through the 5 fundamental mutation phases: Earth (devotion), Metal (justice), Water (wisdom), Wood (ethics), Fire (costumes).

The operation is more or less that of the kaleidoscope. Some colored elements and three interior mirrors. Turning the tube you get different compositions. Despite the smallness of the components the results can be infinite. This same concept (translated to the five elements and the three embodied psychic aspects) shows the variegation of color and movement tones through which individual consciousness manifests itself (form and name). The self-consciousness, which we call a person, is an internal coordinator, adapted to individuation, which appropriates the functions implemented.

We call it: me. This 'subject' (or internal assumptor) is the individual identifying appearance in which we usually recognize ourselves. Properly speaking this "I" is itself the "consequence" of the energies set in motion by the various elements and the three embodied archetypes, so it is inert (like a program), and is an object in consciousness.

The three psycho-emotional archetypes, inseparable in their mixture, represent:

The sense of self, ego = year of birth;
The intellect or intuition = time of birth;
Memory or experience = month of birth

Each of us manifests an exemplary three-sided shape (designating our characteristics). The innate tendencies that are reflected in the mirror, constantly changing, are the currents in which the ego moves.

If we want to observe a small thing we need to enlarge it through the microscope, but if we want to expand the field of action we must detach ourselves as much as possible from the things around us, so as to perceive the sense of the whole. This race in the round towards self-knowledge is a dreamy wandering, an unanswered attention, solitude and silence, observation and contemplation, flowing limpid in changes, smiling in chasing the emptiness.

And now a story:

"Some of his followers asked the bandit Che:" Even for thieves there is a road (Tao)? "-" Eh, of course yes ... - replied Che-Sanctity is to guess where there is a hidden treasure, Eroismo is the first to enter house, Justice is getting out of it last, Wisdom is distinguishing the shot that you can try, Humanity means being equanimous in dividing the loot. There has never been a great thief in the world who has not shown these qualities ". (Chuang Tze)

Through the reflective capacities of the inner organ (antakharana) we are able to manifest psychophysical energies in correspondence with those perceived outside of us. This correspondence is automatic and inevitable, it is a natural law. Thinking of escaping the course is as absurd as thinking of changing the film while the film is projected. But the internal attitude is important! In fact, the acceptance of one 's destiny dissolves the attachment to the useful and useless which pushes us into the cycle of rebirths.

In ignorance we identify ourselves with the characters and consider ourselves as authors and responsible for the game lived, with gain and loss, the truth is that our ego, individual consciousness, the person incarnated by us, is only an image. The result of an absent automatism and an illusory identification. This we must understand well if we do not want the mind to cheat us. We do not fall into the delirium of the separate ego, even if the consciousness that animates it is true and we already have the initial capital for that "self-knowledge" is absurd and ridiculous to think of "getting it" - strictly speaking it is not possible. It is already fully manifest here and now and therefore not pursued as obtaining anything else.

If we feel attracted to this "knowledge" it must be said that there is no course or explanation or experiment that can transmit it, it can only be recognized (reawakened) by "sympathy" at the moment of maturation. Since it is not a "achievement" we continue to "go on by smell...".

"Simple actors, as long as separated, then, overcome duality, no longer has any importance ... The flower no longer has any name or form is just a unique and unrepeatable flower in the garden of Consciousness".

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 27 January 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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