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Qualities, sensations, attractions and repulsions that appear in the field of consciousness...

field of consciousness
"Close your eyes and you will see clearly

Stop listening and you will hear the truth.

Stay silent and your heart can sing.

Do not seek the contact and you will find the union.

Be quiet and you will find the wave of the spirit.

Be gentle and you won't need strength.

Be patient and you will accomplish everything.

Be humble and you will keep your integrity."

(Taoist meditation)

The qualities, sensations, attractions and repulsions that appear in the field of consciousness are projections as are the dreams that appear to the dreamer. Everything is resolved in the same reality, unique and indivisible, inexplicable because there is no one to whom it can be explained….

Our mind is the result of a psychic and energetic combination of the forces combined by nature in this kaleidoscope which is the individual consciousness. In fact, nothing belongs to us (if specifically intended) or everything belongs to us (if understood as the totality of the known) ... What do you want a beautiful word uttered in silence or an ugly word screamed in the wind? We go forward because going back is impossible ... in the sense that we cannot correct anything of the lived events (in the past) we can only observe with greater attention the events that occur before our eyes in the present ...

Then someone might wonder how it is possible to change what is already described in destiny. Yet in thought there is already a lever of movement, if a clear intent manifests itself in the thought we can discover that the inspirations you have had on any innovative topic are then closely followed by a mass of interventions in the same vein ...

Synchronicity? Wave? In bioregionalism it is called "the great flow", and the function of the precursors is precisely that of initiating an evolutionary process of human intelligence ... for this reason it is important that the precursors do not take on themselves a specific "degree" or "copyright. "their job is just to prepare the ground, sow and proceed (like Jonny apple seed) ... Everyone starts at some point and then goes on and leaves his own path as an example.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 9 June 2022Author: Paolo D'Arpini
Credits Publisher: Paolo D’Arpini
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