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The absolute nature of the Self and the concept of "rebirth"

Self-analysis helps us to perceive the true substance of our thoughts, our drives or worries. Certainly all thoughts are fleeting and ephemeral but some positively represent "that force" that will subsequently push the "person" to implement what is established in his destiny. Meditation makes it possible to clarify what are simply imaginary projections or invented problems and those thoughts that instead define in germ "the incoming" ... what must happen.

The creation of "fictitious" problems is one of the aspects of the mind.

At the basis of worldly concerns - obviously - there is always a sense of responsibility for our actions due to identification with the body-mind.

The process of individualization of consciousness is the very function of the mind. The mind is the reflective capacity of the conscience that takes on itself the task of objectification and therefore of the creation of the so-called world of forms. Exteriorization is its tendency.

Yet it is not a definitive or irreparable condition, even the most negative sensations can be transcended. The worldly concerns that assail us are the result of the mental mechanism that projects attention on external factors, desires and fears, and it is for this reason that in meditation it is advisable to fix the attention on the awareness, on the subject, ignoring the mental apparitions, that are only "impediments" (distractions) that arise for inveterate habit of outsourcing, do not take it into account means to remain quiet while keeping the observer in himself.

Personally I had a great fortune in life. I consider this my body and my mind extremely blessed and holy because through them I had the opportunity to meet and know great sages who gave my existence true meaning. Demonstrating to me how the detachment and at the same time the attention are important to remain focused in the Self .... in self-awareness.

"Twice born" is said of those born of the Spirit.
"Meditate on your Self, seek your Self, bow to your Self, honor your Self, adore your Self, for God lives in you, it is you ...!" This is the profound and liberating message that my Guru, Muktananda , transmitted to me and through which I was born again in the Spirit.

To confirm what is expressed here, that is the consideration of one's true nature, I report a dialogue with Anasuya Devi of Jillellamudi, my spiritual mother, on subjects that often leave the minds of the seekers perplexed, touching secret cords of their heart.

Question: "What do you think of the rebirth of souls, the chain of lives in succession ..?"

Amma: "Well ... if you think there may be a chain of successive lives for the same soul, then you have to admit that the first existence of this chain must have a specific cause. It may be only the cause of the first life that caused all the subsequent ones ... So whose origin is the original cause and where does it come from? I do not want to say with this that rebirth is impossible I just say that it is not something we created. After all, thinking about it, he who does not believe in rebirth sees death through life, who instead believes in rebirth sees life through death ... (laughter ...) "

Question: "Did any of your disciples go to foreign countries as a missionary, as did Vivekananda (the famous disciple of Ramakrishna of Calcutta)?"

Amma: "I have no disciples (sishya) I only have children (sishu). What they accomplish is determined by the same Shakti (Divine Energy) that carries forward the whole creation. This Shakti makes one write one story or does other things to another .... Only one is the power that enables every agent to perform the actions. There is no other power than that. "

Question. "Why are there pleasure and pain and all other incompatible qualities?"

Amma: "Day and night are obviously both necessary. In the absence of relativity there could not be any creation at all. All the qualities we embody are already there ... all derive from that Original Power. They could not exist in us if they did not already exist in that. As happens with a playwright who creates different characters giving each of the necessary features .. (laughter ..)"

Here, my acting brothers, each of us embodies those characteristics necessary to carry out the specific part that was granted to him ... but it is the playwright himself who acts, directs, passes the lights, who assists as an audience, who applauds and cries and laughs ...

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 8 March 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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