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Transcendence and immanence united. Attempt to describe the indescribable

"...difficult to explain what deep ecology and lay spirituality are... but they can be lived as an experience" (Saul Arpino)

The ability, albeit limited, of the intellect to describe reality, perceptible and thought, in a consequential and logical way, is a great advantage when one wants to express a linear path. However, its use is of little use since it has to deal with a "holistic" discourse - as is precisely that of deep ecology and lay spirituality.

Certainly we can approach concepts and images through a careful selection of "words and meanings". This is why I find that the message of Chinese pictograms - ideograms is much closer to the semantics of language. There is an attempt to transmit the "vision" also the image, in addition to the thought....

Staying with us ... if we analyze the details of the vital path we must necessarily divide them into segments and study and describe them in their typical functioning, outside the general context, as understood in the specific way of the observer....

This is the dictate of logic and this is the operating mode of our language, composed of sounds and allocutions, which is an expression of logic.

In fact, language is a mathematical mechanism useful, up to a certain point, to describe the processes of both sensory perception and emotional "fantasy". But what is thus transmitted, unfortunately, lacks the freshness and immediacy of experience, what is rightly defined as "presence". In fact, language draws only on memory, it cannot tell and agree on the ineffable moment lived... as a "presence"!

Luckily for us, through the analogical ability of our mind, we are also able to intuit and launch small signals inherent to the "spiritual" sensitivity that does not reside and cannot be described with the mechanisms of the dual mind.

The One escapes any description... and if a description is attempted it is certainly partial and limited to the forms proper to language and dual thought.

To understand a fish you must be a fish, to hear a tree you must be a tree..etc. This is very true and is easily acceptable even by the human mind. The fact then that if you feel like a fish you are limited to the feeling of the fish, just as if you feel like a man you are limited to the feeling of a man further demonstrates the impossibility of sharing the spiritual "concept" between living beings of different species . This does not mean that "the experience of self" - what I call Spirit - is equally experienced in each of those forms.

On the other hand, what is meant by secular spirituality? That by stripping oneself of the identifying covering in a particular "feeling", or by obliterating one's egoic identity, which is nothing other than the crystallization of a recognition of oneself in thoughts, desires, actions, carried out by the "object" that acts as an observer (the name form and the individual mind), immediately - free from identifying presuppositions - we are able to fully share, feeling it as our own, the experience of the fish or the tree. That this capacity is not only possible but even feasible is proven by the transcendental states achieved during deep meditation or by means of strong psychic manipulations (trance, swoon, drug, etc.).

Obviously the sporadic and intermittence of the non-dual experience is only a "taste" of the natural condition in which man and every other being fully shares - and therefore manifests - the Whole, the ONE. The purpose of secular spirituality is to achieve - by means of repeated and continuous attention to the perceiving subject - that state of unity which totally transcends the individual ego and allows the proper and definitive spiritual experience of life in its entirety.

When, with empirical philosophical terms, profound ecologists describe the unity of life, and the interconnection of every aspect of it, in every relationship, they do nothing but evoke that state of consciousness, that intimate and profound Awareness, which distinguishes every psychic entity and every material element (in latent form). And that I like to call "spirit" (intelligence and conscience).

This is my feeling....

Paul D'Arpini


Date: 15 December 2022Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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