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What is in us is also in the other

In the psychological analysis of the subjects treated, it is necessary to bear in mind that the understanding of the psychic states examined in the "observed" individual requires a good dose of mingling and empathy, or rather the psychologist must also be a little "intriguing and speculative ".

Intriguing derives from intrigue (machination, plot, understanding, etc.) this word expresses a lot of double meanings, sometimes it is used in a positive sense, as an intriguing thing is interesting, varied, fun, attractive ... or in the negative sense which means confused, cunning, with hidden implications, etc.

The term "speculation" expresses another typical aspect of analysis, beyond that of mirroring ... also investigation, research, reflection, pretext ...

Empathy and compassion are necessary for the understanding of the games of the mind, the sharing and the recognition of sharing all the examined aspects, this is the only way - according to me - to be able to find solutions to the imbalances and dysfunctions of the psyche.

Therefore the psychotherapist should also perform a priestly, shamanic function ... and this is not a heretical attitude ... indeed this attitude allows us to bring healing elements ... Inversely, where there is an assumption of health in the observer and recognition of insanity in the observed, a sort of instrumentalization of the "disease" and of falsified medical-therapeutic use takes over ...

All human beings are equal, nobody has the right to consider himself a human being superior to another. Whoever plays an institutional role is always a person, like any other.

What is in us is also in the other, otherwise we could not recognize it. Even those who judge can be judged and those who represent a whole category should first respect the principles they stand for. We can be pedantic technical and passive psychiatrists and continue to complain that knowing the mind is an aspect of physiology or being active elements, builders of a holistic system, aware that body, mind and spirit are an inseparable whole!

These reflections are an addition to the discourse on how to overcome "innate tendencies" without falling victim to new "corrective tendencies" .... (in which case the karma is repeated, even if modified).

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 7 May 2019Author: Paolo D'Arpini
Credits Publisher: Comitato per la spiritualità laica


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