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Deep ecology and bioregionalism to prevent the collapse of human civilization

Deep ecology and bioregionalism
The virtual worlds of man are many but all in thought, only one is real: this Earth. If we are unable to preserve our lives honorably on Earth, how can we hope for salvation by migrating to other planets? How can we hope to be welcomed into the assembly of the extraterrestrial universal life if we have not been able even to keep life on our little planet? With this I believe that the experiment of our survival must come true here where we are ... Needless to hope in colonies on the Moon, Mars or Venus .. needless to look for water on those desolate worlds if here -where there is so much - we can not keep it clean.

Yet there were already several enlightened scientists and spiritualists who, since the dawn of consumerist society, warned man of the risk of getting out of the tracks of science / life balance. Today the human train is derailing with the shimmer of crazed splinters: GMOs, methodical chemical poisoning of the earth and water, dirty atomic energy, social and moral decay, wild urbanization, destruction of resources accumulated over millennia by nature, etc.

Man in the course of his brief history has enormously transformed the face of the Earth, because he can deliberately modify almost everything that constitutes his natural environment and control what grows and lives in it.

The net of life is however so delicate and so linked are the climate, soil, plants and animals, that if a component of this complex is violently modified, if some threads are suddenly cut, the whole complex suffers a modification. This is the intrinsic meaning of Bioregionalism and Deep Ecology.

For hundreds of years - and especially in the last century - man has been the cause of disfigurement, extermination and profound alterations ... and this despite his contemporary ability to create embellishment and harmony. The intellectual power that allows man to design and build is the same that allows him to destroy. With the immeasurable increase of the human population the ability to procure material damages as well as the refinement of thought and reflection have grown exponentially.

Unfortunately, this Earth of ours is not a country of Bengodi or a horn of eternal abundance ... the resources of the planet, patiently accumulated and saved in its womb, are now being depleted. Biodiversity and purity of the vital genome are increasingly at risk ... many animal species resist only in zoos or botanical gardens. Throughout the modern world every new economic and scientific enterprise is followed by plague and ills, the continuous development is equivalent to the accelerated consumption of goods, the inability of environmental recovery and restoration by nature.

It is necessary immediately and with the utmost seriousness and determination to stop the fall, preserving the residual resources and what remains of the wild life, not only for the maintenance of naturalistic beauty but above all because the overall harmony, that is the real survival of the community of the living (and of man himself) depends on those components.

The future of humanity, in fact, is not in its colonization of other planets in the solar system but in its ability to preserve life on planet Earth.

For this reason the biology, the deep ecology, the spirituality of nature are essential aspects of the new conscience paradigm. One of the greatest vital mysteries, which we have the duty to face and solve, is the one related to our true nature. But
religions and science will never be able to give us an answer if we do not begin to look for it directly in us and around us. Otherwise we will not be able to get out of the repetitive mechanism of wars, of insensitive exploitation, of racial and interspecist conflicts.

Humanity is not only symbolized by these anthropomorphic bipeds and is not just an organic agglomerate called "body". We can say that Humanity is the ability to recognize oneself with everything that lives and pulsates energetically inside and outside us.

The Earth is our home, we have inherited it from a slow and laborious global process of life, but are we sure we can leave it to future generations in the same integrity and opulence in which we have received it?

Human dignity is also played in this, so let us accept the challenge posed to our intelligence.

Evolution has a univocal direction: the growth of Consciousness. We stay in it!

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 4 January 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini
Credits Publisher: Paolo D'Arpini


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