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In "doing not doing" there is no realization ...

A friend of mine writes to me expressing her doubts "about the ideal behavior to be assumed for the purpose of spiritual fulfillment, following the example of the saints ..."

I replied by telling her that you cannot give a rule based on the behavior of a saint. The realized is no longer identified with an ego, referring to the body and mind, but also has prarabdha karma (a current life destiny) like any other human being. Even to believe that there are realized and unrealized in the saint's vision is illusory, since in his experience everything is One and indivisible.

At this point, how can we believe that any human action can represent a dividing line between the presumed accomplished and the presumed ignorant? What the saints tell of their life is only the outward aspect of their specific prarabdha karma, nothing to do with the hypothetical "do or not do" for the purpose of "realization".

In my life I was lucky enough to meet several saints and from their behavior I received a universal teaching, never in antithesis with the needs of my life. They have lived their life in the way that was their due, as I am living my life in the way that is due to me. This applies to anyone. There is no point in scrambling to do not do.

When we talk about spiritual research we do not mean pursuing a codified path, a fideistic norm, a belonging to a creed; the spiritual seeker is simply the one who looks at himself, the one who recognizes the Whole in himself and himself as the Whole.

From this point of view, spiritual research can be considered a strictly personal fact. Reconciling one's personal path with that of anyone else means knowing how to flow without obstructing, learning and transmitting without expecting, in short, it is about making peace with ourselves and with others.

Paolo D'Arpini

"In accordance with each person's Prarabdha karma, the Ordinator controls the fate of souls in accordance with their past actions. Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, no matter how hard you try. Whatever is bound to happen will happen, no matter how hard we try to stop it. " (Ramana Maharshi)


Date: 7 October 2021Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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