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Meaning of deep ecology and bioregionalism

The meaning of deep ecology and bioregionalism is encapsulated in the understanding that nothing is separable in life, the whole correspond to everything. This concept has been expressed with great wisdom since five thousand years ago in a Vedic saying that states: "Everything comes from Everything. If from the All All is taken, Everything remains. "

Therefore, deep ecology is the recognition of the inseparability of life, and bioregionalism is nothing other than the description of the various vital processes and visible forms of life and matter in the awareness of such inescapability. Thus, the bioregional "geographic" description is functional to the integration of the described scope. As happened at the time of Menenio Agrippa who described the state in terms of the complementarity of structured organs for the functioning of the entire organism.

This talk is very close to Serge Latouche's socio-economic philosophy, in terms of decrease and localism. As we know, Professor Serge Latouche is among the most famous opponents of globalization of the planet and a supporter of the convivial reduction in consumerism and a promoter of the local economic development . Known for his work on economic anthropology, he seeks to propose in his work the concept of a substantial economy, understood as an activity capable of providing the material means to meet the real needs of the people. He criticizes, through solid theoretical arguments and an empirical approach, the concept of development and the notions of rationality and economic financial effectiveness.

And finally they are understanding it in many: our planet is limited. Its resources, its energies are not infinite. From this, the importance that bioregionalism give to a territory, any territory, so that the exercise of participation takes place in a nonviolent way and achieves results that do not harm the environment, the people and the animals.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 25 October 2017Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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