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You are the "other"

You are the "other
According to a line of Buddhist or Taoist thought, which I prefer, there is only a psychic mass that contains all the mental tendencies experienced or liveable during the existence by all sentient beings. The single spark is called incarnation. At the person's death individual energy merges with the universal. But the innate tendencies unfinished are aggregated into a lump (program) that draws the consciousness to new incarnations.In short, it is not the same soul that reincarnates ... but the psychic tendencies that seek new evolutionary solutions.

The problem is that during the life the soul, meaning the individual consciousness (or mind), identifies itself with the body mind and consequently believes that the evolutionary process experienced belongs to itself, on the contrary this process of appearance in the manifest is completely automatic (cause effect) .

The so-called "others" are only the appearance of ourselves reflected in our mental mirror. In any case, these "elucubrations" have no value from the point of view of absolute non-dual awareness, but reasoning in the relative sphere can help us detach our consciousness from the process of becoming ... The individual self (soul) is the reflection in the mind of that awareness.

And here you may ask what is the individual mind or soul? It is that power of reflection that allows the Self to manifest itself in infinite forms (Energy space time). Since the reflection of manifested images has as substrate the Self (absolute awareness), one can say that the world is unreal if seen as separate from the Self, but becomes real if seen as the Self. Like any character in the dream when he awakens, he ceases to exist as the "individual of the dream" and awakens as the dreamer.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 8 May 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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